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Cumaru Combos

The rope hammock: It’s just rope, plus a little wood and steel, really. Of course, that’s merely the materials that go into it, and not what a quality rope hammock means. Not how it feels.

That's because a truly great rope hammock is a net for your body with holes just wide enough for your worries to fall through!

At Nags Head Hammocks we use almost twice as much rope in our hammocks and other hand-woven products as other companies, which equals support you can count on. We precision-wind our three-ply rope ourselves, out of best-quality synthetic threads, and to a strength exceeding even exacting U.S. military standards, and to a softness that will make you think you’re stretching out in classic cotton.

We don’t actually use cotton rope, however, because as an organic fiber, cotton has tremendous limitations in durability — and being in the Outer Banks, we understand all too well the damage prolonged weather exposure can create.

We’re exceptionally proud of what we do here, which is why it couldn’t be any more important to us that you always be proud to own a Nags Head Hammock.

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