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DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set

Handcrafted in North Carolina!
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
  • DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set

    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set
    DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set

DURAWOOD® 5 Piece Sunrise Adirondack Set

Handcrafted in North Carolina!
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  • Eco-Friendly DURAWOOD®: DURAWOOD® is a 3/4"-1" thick lumber, compared to 1/2" thick offered by our competitors, that is made from densely compressed recycled plastic milk jugs and soda bottles. It contains no waste-wood fiber so it won't absorb any water and won't rot, splinter or crack. DURAWOOD® is fade resistant and will never require paint, stain or any kind of sealant.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: High quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware is used on our outdoor furniture, compared to 304 marine-grade used by our competitors, for superior rust resistance. All hardware is painted to match the color of the furniture and strategically place to conceal each bolt.
  • Mortise and Tenon Joints: We use this ancient form of carpentry, where board meets board, to allow our furniture to fit together and help make it sturdier; rather than just being held together with nuts and bolts.
  • Fit N Finish: Every DURAWOOD® part has a smoothed surface to reduce the amount of crevices where dirt can accumulate and all edges are rounded off for a detailed finish.
  • Handcrafted in North Carolina: Manufactured using the finest parts and industry leading techniques. We back our workmanship with a guaranteed Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Country of OriginMade in the USA
HeightChair Height : 40 in
Footrest Height : 15 in
Table Height : 18.5 in
WidthChair Width : 31 in
Footrest Width : 18 in
Table Width : 17 in
LengthChair Length : 31 in
Footrest Length : 18 in
Table Length : 19.5 in
Weight Capacity350 lbs
HardwarePainted 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel
CareClorox-type wipes or a soft bristle brush with a mild cleanser are ideal for this product
Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions


Made exclusively for Nags Head Hammocks, this traditionally styled Adirondack chairs, table and footrests combo offers lifelong comfort and durability. We back our workmanship with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

The back features a gentle horizontal curve, with a seat specially contoured to provide the utmost in comfort, anytime you feel inclined to recline.

The sitting angle reclines enough to relax, without preventing intimate conversation and fellowship. Some chairs lay back so far that you can feel trapped in them...this is not one of those chairs. The wide arms provide an ample stage to rest your arms or a spot for a good old southern sweet iced tea. All edges and corners are eased and softened. Like fine furniture, you cannot help wanting to touch and feel this chair.

This Lifetime Sunrise Adirondack chair represents the culmination of diligent design and construction by artisans based in North Carolina, a state richly endowed in the furniture craftsmanship tradition.

All joints where the end of a board meets a face of another are made with the ancient carpentry method of mortise and tenon: a trademark of wooden artifacts found in Egyptian pyramids dating back to 2500 BC. This helps to make the chair rock solid. Most other chairs merely have butt joints at these intersections to save time and money.

Hardware consists of marine-grade, 316 stainless steel to provide the ultimate in durability. Not all stainless steel is created equal. We have even primed and painted the heads of the hardware to match the color of the poly lumber.

Screws and bolt heads are gracefully obscured from the front view of this chair. Its joints and attachment points are painstakingly engineered to remove all visible hardware from the front of the seat, back, and arms.

A winning combination of superior materials and craftsmanship, you will not find a better value anywhere. You will not be disappointed: Join us at Nags Head Hammocks today and enjoy a lifetime of comfort. **Pillows Not Included

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Limited Residential Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

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Our DURAWOOD® Poly Lumber

DURAWOOD® is made from recycled HDPE: High-density polyethylene, a polymer (plastic) and is designed to look and feel like natural wood. HDPE can be found in items like hula hoops, milk juugs, water pipes, bottle capes, and industrial waste - the HDPE material in our furniture is recycled from these materials.

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