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Durawood Rockers

Let's be honest here: A standard porch rocking chair can, over not too much time, be a little tough on the ol' posterior. The narrow runners make for abrupt, jerky movement, and your backside, lightly bumping up and down on the hard wood seat, can take a bit of a paddling should you plan to keep on rockin' for long.

Well, prepare yourself for a true rocking revolution with our Durawood and Cedar Durawood outdoor rocking chairs! For starters, check out the thickness of those runners in the photos above — smoother rocking motion, here we come!

Add to that our classic Nags Head furniture feature, the lattice-like rope seat, hand-woven from your choice of two cottony-soft all-weather three-ply synthetic ropes we precision-manufacture ourselves to a strength exceeding even U.S. military specifications. Which means your tuckus is now tucked comfortably, and securely, in a rope net that cradles you even as the chair body jockeys you gently forward and back, forward and back, forward and …

Rock solid. Rock soft. Rock on, and on, and on!

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