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Durawood features

Want a serious batch of toughness with your comfort? Here you go!

Our Durawood outdoor furniture is about as maintenance-free as it gets. In fact, we chose Durawood as the basis for a furniture line with our own coastal storm season in mind — your deck may blow to pieces out from under one of our Durawood chairs, but that heavy high-end seating will likely still be there, and in one piece, when it's over.

We don't call Durawood "hurricane proof" for nothin'!

Durawood itself is made from compounding recycled consumer plastic that's been rid of impurities. The resulting dense, rigid, easy-to-clean composite is about as heavy as rock, but looks just like painted wood, or in the case of our Cedar-colored variety, pretty close to wood itself — though unlike wood, Durawood can't absorb water, so it will never rot, splinter or crack, nor attract termites. It also never needs paint, stain or any other kind of sealant, yet holds up to pounding rains, flailing winds, salt spray, extreme temperatures and other environmental stresses. And we're hardly just blowing hot air here — on the Outer Banks, we know about heavy weather!

All of our Durawood furniture is put together with stainless steel hardware, which is not only tough against rust and corrosion, but also strikingly attractive when paired with the dense composite's white or Cedar-colored surfaces.

One final note: Should you ever find yourself in an actual hurricane, please refrain from going outside and testing your Durawood furniture for its weather-hardiness. Your chair or swing will almost certainly fare just fine; you, on the other hand, could very well blow away …

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