Pawleys Island Furniture

Pawleys Island Furniture

Our fellow beach-loving brothers and sisters to the south know a thing or two about porch-sittin' pleasure. We are proud to say we now carry Pawleys Island Porch Furniture.

After some extensive... sampling (you may call it sittin' around doin' nothing, but to each their own), we can definitively declare this furniture worthy of inclusion on Nags Head Hammocks.

See for yourself with a brief gander at their new collections, which are fast becoming the pride of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. One features that classic Adirondack look and feel, well known to beach bums from Nags Head to Pawleys and beyond.

The sunburst-inspired chair backs of the Sunrise Collection honor a prized feature of many eastern shores, but are primarily inspired by the famed sunrises as seen from the shores of Pawleys Island.

You may already be familiar with our "hurricane proof" Durawood outdoor furniture. Well, as you probably already guessed, we'd never perch another set of porch furniture before you if it didn't possess all the fine features you've come to expect from Nags Head Products.

What we're sayin' is, this Pawleys Island furniture's Durawood, too! Maintenance-free. Headache-free. As easy to clean as it is impervious to cracking and rot. That timeless durability you already know and love, if you've enjoyed any of our fine Durawood chairs, swings, tables, or rocking chairs. And if not, it's high time you did! With furniture this durable, you never stop enjoying it once you start.

We'll leave you with same warning we relate to our Nags Head Furniture lovers: though you can count on this furniture's survival through gale-force winds, remember that you weren't brought into this world with a hurricane-proof guarantee. And we can't sell you one, either. You either have it from birth, or you don't. And this furniture does.

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