Durawood Tables

In our minds, an outdoor table isn't something you should have to think of too often. You set it up, clean it off when you want to use it, and enjoy time around it with friends and family. Pretty simple, right?

It should be, but weather damage can take its toll, which is why we've come up with Durawood tables! They feature all the style and function you deserve, and their poly-lumber construction means they're non-porous and non-absorbent, meaning that sitting outside for extended periods of time won't hurt them.

At Nags Head Hammocks we know the appeal of spending time outdoors, but also how storms can turn your beautiful outdoor furniture into a weather-beaten mess. With a Durawood table you'll never have to worry about doing more than just cleaning off your table to be ready to entertain, and in our minds, that's pretty awesome.

Nags Head Hammocks